Thrivers Talk Tall Tales…Calories Counting

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I walked into the kitchen and went on my toes to grab a plain low-fat yogurt.


How many calories is it?

I turned the cup around reading 154 calories per serving size.

Then, it begins.

The math.

If I eat this yogurt for breakfast how much calories do I have left for the day?

The, there is also a snack, lunch, and dinner.




Calories Counting is one of the methods used mainly when someone wants to lose weight – it may work or not – depending on the individuals. Although, eventually nearly all of us skew back to our old habits unable to handle the treachery of calories counting.

“Calorie counting doesn’t work,” says Jonathan Bailor, author of the new book, The Calorie Myth. I peeked through the book a bit because my friend had it and I was bored – I must say: Check it out!

Now, let’s move onto the good stuff. I am here to talk about some tall tales in regards to calories.

We see it; calories smacked right in the back of every product. Here is the definition of the word calories – units used to measure the energy value of food. If you overeat then your gain weight – too little, you lose.

The first thing I want to state is that calories do not equal pounds!

Calories are not equal, due to its differential usage within the body. You cannot compare rich nutrients food like fruits and vegetables to processed food. They are as different as day and night!

On a hot Thursday night, you decided to consume a meal from McDonald. Who knows why you want to eat a burger on such a sweaty day, but perhaps it was that delicious scent they pumped into the atmosphere. Now, let’s say for some unexplainable reason, you had a salad with you.

Now, sit inside of McDonald and debate, which should you consume?

They have the same amount of calories, so it should be a-okay to reach for that double bacon with the melted cheeseburger.

Now, I want some McDonald – I swear, I am not advertising!

Are these calories equivalent?

No sweetheart, they aren’t.

You must remember – Qualities matter! Nutrients matter!

Next, calories are not just “calories.”

The bodies process and metabolize fat, proteins, and carbohydrate very differently. There is even different type of fats – saturated and unsaturated – along with carbohydrate – simple and complex. The body is a machine, and it sorts everything out differently, not everything falls into one pothole.

Reason with yourself and stray away from the numbers.

The body is not a math equation; it’s more of a machine, a biological mechanism. Many people cut calories to lose weight. Even if you cut out a specific amount of calories per day, it does not mean you will lose that particular amount of weight. The body works hard to keep a set weight range by regulating the appetite and metabolism through hormones, genes, and brain. If you overeat one day, your body would burn more calories and lower your desire to compensate.

The lesson?

If you overeat one day, the key is not to freak out and continue to gorge. That will make you gain weight.

Whoever spread this rumor should be ashamed of themselves – I knew a few girls who breathe on this and – well long story short, they ended up in the hospital because of fatigue.

If you starve yourself, your body slows down your metabolism and burns muscle rather than fat. Start eating normally again after a restrictive diet, and you’ll gain more weight because your metabolism had altered.

When you eat healthy foods, you don’t have to count calories. As long as you feed your body what it needs, it’ll take care of the rest, including keeping you at a healthy weight. So relax about keeping a calorie journal and focus on quality over quantity. High-quality foods include non-starchy vegetables, nutrient-dense proteins, and whole-food fats. One thing they all have in common? You don’t need a nutrition label to tell you they’re healthy.

I had witnessed and felt this first handed – deficient calorie diet. The mood alters, energy and sex drive decrease, thyroid suffer, constant chills, skin suffrage, and feeling down on the spectrum.

I am not going through a calorie counting diet, but I do suffer from eating problems. There are days when I’m quite stressed and completely forget to eat, and I don’t feel hungry. We will discuss this on another page. Anyways, at first, it’s okay, but over time I start feeling all those symptoms above. It is soul-sucking.

I realized that my body needs nutrients – that’s all!

So, I began setting up timers to eat.

Rewinding time, there was a moment when I thought calories mattered. A dreadful time when I believe the amount I intake equal my weight – the crazy thing was, I was already considered “underweight” I may not speak for all of us, but a majority of us often suffer from our weight – may it be gain or loss. I was never a critical calorie counter, but there was a time when I was committed. Now reflecting upon it, I can see how detrimental this was. For one, I was in the middle of my growth spurt and obsession with trying to stay under a certain point number for the day ended up developing into a full-blown eating disorder – probably stunted my growth somehow.

I’m very short.

Calorie Counting may start innocent, but eventually, individuals become obsessed – particularly if pounds are drop. Then, the stress enters the door, and your energy will be drain. Allow your body to take its natural course and eat what’s healthy. Do not allow the numbers in the back of the can to be your life.