Thrivers Talk Tall Tales…Acne

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One word…Four letters

A word that ruins nearly everyone life, except those who has almost perfect skin. I’m totally not bitter thinking about my friend who has little acne – sarcasm. Anyways, over the years of fighting against acne, I had learned quite a numerous amount of information regarding acne and confirmed it with my dermatologist.

Enough introduction or else my self-esteem might plummet more than it already has, let’s get into the myths!

1. Poor Hygiene = Acne

It’s basic math, that if you don’t wash your pillowcase once a week or if you don’t wash your face enough then you will get acne.

That’s false!

Acne appeared when the oil pores in the skin become block, hormones make the pore secrete more oil, and build up occurred which result in acne.

Unfortunately, numerous amount of people believe this tall tale and end up washing their face a dozen time a day. They would purchase expensive exfoliating or scrub products. Ultimately, this can lead to irritation and worsen the skin.

Which result in more acne and a lighter wallet.

There is a recommendation to wash your face only once or twice a day with lukewarm water, mild cleanser, and gentle motion. I made sure one of those times I’m washing my face is in the evening, to remove makeup.

*What I use to remove my makeup

Honestly, I wash my face 3-4 times a week. Yes! The whole week!

Facial blemishes are not caused by dirt despite what is presented in commercials. Instead, the walls of a pore stick together within the skin, starting acne formation. Frequent washing may irritate pores and cause them to become clogged and a washcloth can add even more irritation.

This may seem like a bad thing, but I use a paper towel after I wash my face – then I use that to clean the bathroom because I don’t want to merely throw it away.

Take a sit and think – skin care products were available for the commons not too long ago. Back then, people took care of their skin the natural way, and by allowing it to breathe. So, let your skin breath!

2. Squeeze Those Pimples


When pimple blossomed, you may not be able to resist the temptation to squeeze it out to try to bring it down to embarassing size. You squeeze a pimple to open the clogged pore, wash it, and believe that will clean everything inside. However, this generally leads to further inflammation, which makes the acne look worse and last longer.


This should go viral on twitter – maybe it already has?

I don’t know; I don’t use twitter.

If you can’t leave it alone, then throw some money away and try using over-the-counter acne treatment gel, ointment, etc. to help it shrink. Make sure to read the ingredients and preferably use products that contain benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid – they’re the most effective.

The face wash I use is 5% benzoyl peroxide – dermatologist prescribe.

*I found the product for you!

3. Junk Food = Acne

I laughed at this part because I used to think this, but my dermatologist gave me that blank look when I asked her as if she heard that question a thousand times – which she probably did.

There are some links between dieting and acne, but she told me it isn’t the relationship I may believe. She stated that getting that grease on your skin can make an oily complexion worse, clogging pores and leading to an acne breakout.

So, what did I do afterward?

I gobbled up my chocolates at home – well not a lot, but just enough to keep me satisfied.

*My favorite chocolate brand

Diary product does increase the chances of getting acne since it alters your hormones, but there isn’t a direct link.

4. Acne Says “Bye” as Fast as it Says “Bye.”

Acne sticks around longer than we would prefer – do not silently allow it to hang around your skin as if its a house owner – does that make sense?

Clogged pores in the skin cause acne and they often clogged with the skin’s natural oils. When the pores clogged, the skin can become inflamed.

Same as always – I recommend a dermatologist. There is a high chance that your skin isn’t as bad as you may think and they will pinpoint you towards the right direction – i.e., which over-the-counter product to use.

For example, My doctor recommends using Aveeno wash if I doubt her words when it comes to washing my face with bar soap.

*I got sensitive skin!

5. Get a Tan and Hide

First of all, the tanning bed is not an acne treatment!

Yes, tanning may make your skin look better, but it’s only temporarily. The tan can camouflage spots and blemishes, but it isn’t a long term solution.

Tanning beds are not suitable for acne, and it can damage the skin – i.e., skin cancer which is stated by the World Health Organization.

These tall tales began for one thing –  to sell. Industries want you to pour out your money, purchasing all these unnecessary items or methods to “get rid of your acne quickly.” Please, ignore them and got to your dermatologist for the best advice.

Happy Skincaring!