What I do in the Morning

I wake up forty-five minutes before going to work.

It takes me fifteen minutes to get up – I am not proud of it. So, technically it takes me half an hour to get ready for work.

Over time, that became a part of my morning routine.

People think it’s crazy that I can get ready in half an hour, but its normal – for me.

Here is what I do every morning before starting the day:

1. Drink Water

I always leave several bottles of water beside my bed, just in case I get thirsty in the middle of the night. I would drink half a bottle of water before my unhealthy intake of coffee. After sleeping all night, I would feel drastically dehydrated.

Unfortunately, my tiny bladder disagrees with staying hydrated at night. Then again, there is an up and downside for everything.

2. Face Prepping

I believe that the first impression counts for a lot – first date, job interview, meeting your client for the first time – physical attributes does matter even if other tells you it doesn’t. We judge all of us do it, it’s a part of human nature, and it’s okay to do it.

It’s not only the outer appearance, but your breath can scurry away potential relationships. I don’t want others to smell my awful morning breath. Believe it or not, coffee breath is acceptable even a workplace than many others.

Going back to what I had stated earlier, the first impression does play importance in our lives. If you look good, then you will feel good.

3. Breakfast

After I beautified myself so the world can take a little unattractiveness, I would eat breakfast in my lazy sweats and t-shirt. I realized that if I don’t eat breakfast, then I will snack the whole day.

It takes me ten minutes to eat breakfast because I don’t use my cell phone and I’m a fast eater since my partner decided that inhaling food is much more normal then chewing.

Hence, I picked up that habit.

4. Calendar

It’s important to understand what goals you have for the day to get some direction. Since I work full time, the majority of my to-do list competed after work or schedule during the weekend.

The fifteen minutes in the morning, I spend it on social media – checking Instagram, WattPad, Pinterest, or sorting out blog posts/ stories. I would reply to comments or laugh at a random video.

I didn’t say I would do business all the time.

Generally, I finished all my task unless I have a dreadful day.

5. Lunch

I pack it the night before, so in the morning all I need is to grab the container along with a few snacks while making my instant coffee and I’m done.

End Note

There you go, everything I did in the morning. You don’t need to wake up at 5 am in the morning to be successful; use the time you have and be productive.

Now, tell me what do you do in the morning?