The Basic to Pinterest like a Pro

I have joined the world of Pinterest for over three months. It’s an exciting world since there are numerous things I can do from reading articles about food recipes to learning how to become an amateur fashionista. Please, heed my word when I say I still dress badly, but that’s not what we are going to discuss about in today article.

I am writing this article after taking a brief break from Pinterest and blogging.

However, here is my current status on Pinterest:

Monthly Viewers – 811.5k
Monthly Engagement – 39.7k

When I stated that I am taking a break from Pinterest, it meant that I didn’t TailwindApp. If you don’t know what Tailwind is, it’s a program that pins for you while you’re out like a lightbulb. Unfortunately, I got lazy and halted my pinning activity for almost three weeks because I was tired of blogging.

Anyways, let’s overlook my lack of productivity since we are here to discuss how to kick start your life as a Pinner:

1. Open a Pinterest Account:

Let’s say you already did open an account and if not, click here. After you open an account – a business one – or convert it, then you are ready to begin your life as a pinner.

2. Starting up the Account:

You need a welcoming profile photo that people can identify with your logo. For example, my logo is Learn to Live as a Thriver with a picture of a girl flipping her hair while sitting on the edge of the ocean. It shows that she is free and living life.

Write a short description of your business – helping others thrive in life with one tip at a time – is my summary.

3. Connecting the Blog:

Let’s say that you do have a blog. Claim your website and install rich pins that are related to your niche. If you’re only posting random things on your site because you haven’t figure out your niche, then that’s okay. Go through it slowly and find out what you’re interested in.

Do not delete your old blog posts because you never know – it may boom one day.

4. Create a Board:

Now that you got your account set up and maybe connect your blog start pinning by creating boards. At this point, you do not need a website – but it helps to get one. I suggest opening random boards you’re interested in and began pinning randomly with the topics you’re interested in.

After you create several boards, began joining boards that are related to your niche/topics or random ones that you’re interested. Board groups will increase your reach.

If you are are not confident in asking random pinners about joining their boards, feel free to jump to my page and ask me!

The more you pin to your boards, the more likely you can attract more attention.

5. Creating Pins:

Create at least three pins for every blog post that you want to add to Pinterest.

First, I create one pin with Canva then place it in several boards. After a few weeks, I create another pin and onward until I reach three pins. Make sure to post the pins on your own board and other boards.

6. Pin Regularly:

You can pin several ways, but the two main methods I am most familiar with is manual and using TailwindApp. You want to pin regularly and consistently on Pinterest. Try to get on the platform daily and pin content.


You want to focus on the content, not followers. The followers will come, so do not use the old – I’ll follow him then he will follow me method because that is terrible. Followers matter less then you think. It does not reflect what your account carry. Followers will come one way or another.

8. Check out your Analytics:

I would suggest checking out how your pins (or other pins) are doing biweekly or monthly to understand what audience you are reaching out towards. With that, you can shift your interest towards your most popular pins or attempt to dip into the audience you genuinely want.

There you go, my tips on how to be a good beginner pinner. The advice is not perfect, but it will give you a sense of direction. For those who had been pinning longer than me, I would love to read your advice.

Happy Pinning!