How to Take Care of Your Skin

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There are a few rituals I follow for beautiful skin – or socially acceptable skin. Here are a few tips to nourish your skin without changing your lifestyle.


This is not a change in lifestyle! Sleep does affect the skin where reduce rest at night can increase stress resulting in wrinkles and acne.

I recommend – naps.

Put that phone down and take a nap!


Whenever you finish washing your face, please do not rub it. Whether you’re using a paper towel or towel or any other handy device – blot the water off. Similar with makeup removal – blot not rub.

I use Bioderma, Neutrogena, and Clinique to remove my makeup.

3. Temperature

Temperature does change the skin.

For example, when its too high then it will dry and irritate your skin.

I’m still guilty of showering with burning hot water.

No one is perfect.

4. Scrubs

I’m not talking about the uniform nurses wear, rather the face wash. If you have sensitive or delicate skin like me, then definitely avoid it. Instead, use scent free product.

5. Washing your Pillowcase

If you have acne – like me – washing your pillowcase is a must.

No question ask.

Reader: “But-“

No question ask!

6. The Scent

Laundry detergent and perfume can irritate your skin.

For perfumes, I check it on my neck before spraying it all over my body.

Laundry detergent, I always check the ingredient to ensure there aren’t extra unnecessary add-ons.

7. Moisturizer

For sure, you don’t have to moisturize every night, but do it every other night.

For me, moisturizers are very important and worth the money to invest. Personally, I use the Clinique Moisture Surge Intense Skin Fortifying Hydrator – such a mouthful.

8. Humidifier

These are much more useful then people can imagine – particularly if you have allergies. I have a hard time sleeping at night without it on since my nose is always plug – my doctor says I’m allergic to air.

Can you believe it?

Just kidding, it’s the pollution in the air.

Other than aiding you in a night of better sleep, humidifier does hydrate your skin.

Plus, some of them look really cool!

There you go! My simple eight simple tips on how to take care of your skin!

Happy…skin care…taking!