How to Start a Relaxing Day

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I often wake up with anxiety.

Numerous thoughts would roll into my mind such as –

“What do I need to do at work today?”

“What should I eat for breakfast?”

“Are there any deadlines I haven’t met?”

“Shoot. Is there enough time to shower?”

“What class do I have today?”

It turns out cortisol levels in our body are higher in the morning because it is using this hormone to wake us up. Therefore for the first 20-30 minutes after waking, you can feel rougher than the rest of the day.

I had never been a wake-up and worked out kind of girl – and I probably will never be one. I’m more of the wake-up and rush out the front door, praying I don’t trip on my shoelaces kind of person. Unfortunately, this neglect always backfired at me with more anxiety or health issues, so this is not the way to do your mornings.

If you are anxious, it is important not to do too much in the mornings. I know it may feel like you should do so much because there are many articles about morning routines and how successful people start their day – which is like waking up at 5 freaking am in the morning.


However, instead of giving you another executive-type-of routine, I will give you some tips on how to start your day simply so you can feel good throughout your day, minimizing the stress.

1. Softer Alarm

My alarm used to be ring ring ring! Wake up! It’s [insert time here].

Oh, how horrific!

Loud and aggressive noises can add up to your morning anxiety. Try to set an alarm sound that is gradual, calm and uplifting. I’m not saying bird chirping is the way to go because that sound is so freaking annoying – to me. Set something calming to you.

2. A Few Minutes Earlier

I am guilty in this field because waking up early had never been my forte. I stink at arriving on time too.

For the last few weeks, I learned that to start a calm morning – you need time. Of course, there is no need to go to the extreme like waking up at 5 am the morning like those so-called CEO’s. Perhaps, waking up an extra 10-20 minutes will do. Over time, you can increase it if you choose.

For me, waking up early enough to eat breakfast is good enough.

3. A Little Extra when Cleaning

Have a little morning spa session – yes, even for dudes –

I like to lit a candle when I shower in the morning.

I enjoy putting on masks once in a while in the morning – even if my dermatologist advises me not to do it.

It makes me feel good, so my therapist told me to go for it.

To answer your question, yes I got issues!

But, so do you!

So, ha!

Then, there are others who prefer throwing bath bombs while scattering flowers or something like that while liting a dozen candles. I mean if you like bathing in your own dirt and you have that much time in your hand then why not?

Seriously, some people do that in the morning.

A little you time can calm the body.


Breakfast is vital and has a straight connection with your anxiety. Our gut has a significant impact on how we feel emotionally and physically so try to choose the food that is generally healthy. A hungry you is not a happy you. Take a few deep breaths before eating and do not worry about the rest of the day.

I prefer eating breakfast without scrolling through my phone.

Less time on the phone meant more time focused on my food.

5. Opening the Curtains

During a good day, I like to open every single curtain the house to allowing natural lights. Having more than artificial lights is good for the mind, relaxing you. It reminds you that its a new day and you can accomplish anything as long as you put your mind into it.