How to Painlessly Save Money

We all go through a rough time, no matter how seemingly calm the years seem to stroll past by us. There always seem to be an issue in the financial aspect of our lives such as paying off debt, constructing an emergency fund, or merely trying to save. We would track our spending, pinching pennies, and invest – following the rules and regulations that bloggers or bloggers advise us. It’s simple as long as you have endurance, but let’s be realistic. Humans are short-tempered creatures, and we want to see the result immediately.

Here are some tips that enable you to reach your destinated goal a lot faster.

1.Discount Shopping

Discount shopping can mean going towards sales during a particular time of the year. I am not saying the big deals, but when you shop enough, you can tell which sales are actually worth the money and the big promotions aren’t as unusual as one would think.

For example, I am a hardcore shopper at Victoria Secret – I want to state that I am not promoting Victoria Secret and if there is an ad about VS it is merely a coincidence due to my partnership with Google Ads. Going back to the point, I realized that the large promoting seasonal sales aren’t the biggest! Hold onto your knitting needles, because I am about to tell you that Victoria Secrets do have some secret deals throughout the years that is not primarily promoted. There was an underwear sale – please, hold back your chuckles – and I was able to get ten for fifteen dollars. How – you may ask. Simple – at that time, Victoria Secret did not openly promote their ten for thirty, and I happened to have a fifteen dollar off coupon since I am a member of Victoria Secret. If you’re a shopper at Victoria Secret, you would know that their panties are highly priced.

There are sales everywhere, but you need to keep an open eye.

If you’re confident in your abilities to pay off all credit cards in time, then I highly suggest you open an account. If not, please stray away from it because it will bring you nothing but trouble.

I also highly suggest you purchase discount gift cards to a location you often shop. Sites like or GiftCardGranny are fantastic in this field. It’s like free money!

2. Physical Appearance

I admit, I like to keep my nails trimmed and my hair to stay soft. However, you do not need to do your nails or cut your hair every month. Keep it simple. Keep it modest.

Learn how to paint your nails, cut or dye your hair. Of course, it could turn out disastrous so read the instructions cautiously.

3. Freebies

There is free stuff everywhere.

It’s shady, but sometimes I sign up for a specific membership to get complimentary birthdays or holiday freebies. Then, I cancel it.
I admit it; I do have my dirty deeds.

4. Storage

Majority of us are hoarders. If you have a few jackets that you haven’t touch for years stuffed int the back of your closet and you swear one day – I will wear it – then you’re undoubtedly a hoarder.

My best advice is to sell the stuff.

I cannot tell you how many times I heard the – I will use it one day – line from people who have one or two storage house.

5. Outing

There are days where I do not want to go groceries shopping because I don’t want to cook. The temptation of ordering takeout and call it a day is so high. However, please do not fall into the temptation, so I would always prepare in advance. Even if I am tempting to order takeout, I would sit in front of the fridge and stare at the food inside until I cave and consume it since I do not want to throw it away at the end of the week.

Do not fall into the temptation of ordering out more than once a week. For me, I do not restart it. If I did not order out the week before, I move it to the following week and give it to myself as a reward.

6. Utility Providers

Do you think there isn’t a way to lower your electric bills?

Wrong – there is always a way.

People are always taking the easier route of blasting the thermostat during winter and lowering it during summer. It would help if you had a constant temperature throughout the house and find a way to adopt such as wearing more clothes. I am guilty of blasting the thermostat during the cold season and wearing shorts. I realized that I need to purchase a heater and place it in the room I used the most which are my bedroom.

If you need other ways to decrease your bills, then call your utility provider directly to optimize your saving.

7. Grocery Shopping

I used to grocery shop on Sunday which is a waste of time and energy because a million other people are doing the same thing. I realized that shopping on Wednesday is less time consuming and lower the amount of stress. Plus, there are generally great sales on Wednesday while weekends are at its original pricing.

I recommend that you also shop with a deadline instead of taking your sweet time. The more time you have on your hand, more likely you will purchase unused items.

8. Re-useable items

Eco-friendly stores extend discounts to shoppers. It may not seem much, but over time it will build.

9. Rewards

When you feel like you want to spend, put that money away into a jar. Over time, you will realize how much money you are paying because it is there in front of you. In a way, it is a method to play with your mind, so you strive to save more.


There you go, some of my best advice to save money faster. If you have any other advice, I would love to read it!