How to be Motivated

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The hardest part of a goal is to start it. As time passes, we realize that we lack the motivation to accomplish anything and realize that we don’t hold as much time as we thought. The goal settle itself in the back of our minds and the days turn into weeks then months and finally years. Getting motivated to reach your goals can be the hardest part of goal setting. 

Despite the difference in our appearance and personality, we aren’t as different as we seem. If you’re reading this, there is a high chance that you are struggling with your lack of motivation to maximize your ability.

Here is the truth – people who appear to be motivated all the time also lack the motivation. The key word is that they appear to have their thoughts gather and life figure out. They aren’t different from you and me – they also have days where they cannot find the will power to do anything.

And that’s okay.

We all have bad days – days where we want to curl up in our cozy blanket and do nothing.

The problem emerges when you lack the motivation to do anything all the time.

Today, we will discuss how to get you back on your feet and slowly work towards your goals.

1. Desire

Having desires isn’t a bad thing – it depends what those desires are and how you will achieve them. If you desire to hold a better paying job, you should do it. Yes, some people step on their co-workers to get into their position, but isn’t it all fair when it comes to your life?

ReaderrRestinginBurritoPosition: “That’s kind of cold. What are you teaching young readers out there?”

NoSugarHere: “I am teaching the young readers that the world can be cruel and I refuse to sugar coat it.”

The most critical factor in kick-starting your motivation to reach your goal is to hold a desire to achieve it. If you own no desire for your goal, then it shouldn’t be a goal.

The goal should make you feel excited and happy, not dissatisfy. The goal shouldn’t be a responsibility such as – my parents want me to graduate from college so I will do it.

I suggest writing down your goals and read them out loud to yourself. Better yet, record it – I know you dislike listening to the sound of your voice. Truly listen to what you’re saying and if it sounds like something you don’t want to do – don’t do it.

Despite what others state, you understand yourself best.

2. Why?

Once you re-evaluate your goals. Next, you should understand why you want to achieve.

What is the purpose of the goal?

The purpose should be for you – not anyone else.

Unless you have children, goals can be made for those ungrateful brats too.

I’m kidding – children are precious – sometimes.

You need to continously question why to remember your roots – your initial motivations

3. Improving Your Mentality

You will freak out with every single change in your life because you won’t know whether or not it is the best decision for you.

There is no such thing as the right answer since life is filled with trial and errors. If there is a single answer for every problem, then we aren’t living. No one can become a thriver.

If you’re feeling stress, then that’s a good thing because that meant your goal matters. I suggest push because you never know what is at the finish line until you reach it.

Let’s say you quit your current job for a new one since the other position pays more. The extra money is good, but you’re afraid that the new workplace is terrible – how you won’t get along with your new co-workers and that’s okay.

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Keep in mind, that you’re pushing away a new opportunity and new potential co-working pals. If you’re miserable at your new job, then you can always find a new one.

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A simple step in a different path that contain a bit of pebbles which can potentially trip you does not mean it’s a bad road. Every single path has it’s cracks.

To achieve your goals you will go through alot of negative emotions.

Expect it.

Feel it.

Do it.

Thrivers push through the negative emotions and learn how to reprogram their mind with positivity even in lousiest days.

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4. You Time

First things first – do not make appointments you cannot keep. That is one thing everyone should not do – make false promises. Some of us have a difficult time saying no, but I will teach you how to say no to decrease your stress.

Days with others are fun, but there are days when you should settle in isolation. After you learn how to say no to others, you should say yes to yourself.

Don’t think twice.

If you continuously strive for a busy schedule, you will forget why you’re doing what you’re doing. Remember what I say earlier? You must remember your roots – why you’re trying to achieve that goal. A constant busy schedule will make you forget.

Give yourself some time to remember and achieve.

5. Habits

Habits are the little actions we take every day that over time establish a result. The result can be good or bad depends on your habits.

For example, after work you spend six hours watching television while eating chips. Of course, the result is an unhealthy physique.

If you spend your time sleeping at work, you will get call in by your boss for possible termination – the result.

If you work out for an hour every day, you will get into better shape.

Spend time shopping online will decrease the finances in your bank account.

Do you get where I’m going?

It’s important to evaluate your daily habits and decide whether or not it is supporting your goals. Habits can open up new paths as well as terminate them.

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6. Other’s Thoughts

Opinions are relatively essential and should be taken into consideration before making a decision. There are times when you should listen to others and when you shouldn’t.

This portion can be a tad tricky because there will be moments when you want to kick your butt for not listening to someone else.

But, remember there will always be someone who will attempt to talk you out of specific goals you want to achieve, and that’s how things will always be. There are no consensus decisions – everyone will hold their own opinion because everyone evaluates you differently. Your family will keep a different view about you compare to your friends and co-workers.

For example, you family tells you to go for the promotion but your co-workers believe otherwise. Keep in mind, that your family does not see your work ethics. Also keep in mind, that your co-workers does not see your results compare to your supervisors.

End meets end.

You don’t need to justify your commitment or goals to anyone, but yourself.

7. Focus

Grab a single goal and focus on it.

I understand that you want to achieve all your goals as soon as possible, but that’s not possible. You are one person will a single mindset.

Establish a plan, organize your thoughts, eliminate distractions,  work to achieve it, rinse, and repeat.

  1. Plan – How are you going to achieve your goal? What are the steps to take?
  2. Organize Your Thoughts – Is your plan possible?
  3. Elminate Distractions – What is consuming most of your time? What can you cut out? What is necessary? What is unnecessary?
  4. Work to achieve it – What small goal did you accomplish that day? What can you do tomorrow?
  5. Rinse – Once you achieve your goal, it is time to celebrate before stepping into another goal.
  6. Repeat – What is your next goal?

End Note

Most of us are not bliss with motivation – some hold a bit more then others but we all got our down days. It’s difficult, but once you learn how to string it into your everyday lifestyle, it will get easier – trust me.

No, you shouln’t trust me.

Trust no one, but yourself!