Habits to Develop in a Thriver Life

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It’s another year.

Yup, you’re getting older.


OldPerson: “I hate you.”

Moving on, with a new year. Why not tweak your life a little for the better?

Remember, you can only improve not deprove?

AnotherOldPerson: “Is that an actual word?”

Writer: “…..No”

Anyways, here are a few things you can do to adjust your life for the better

1. Consistent Wake-Up Time

Does waking up at the same time really matter?

According to BCB “A healthy cycle of digestion promotes regular bowel movements, which directly impacts our mood and state of health. If we are not eliminating properly, we can experience headaches, halitosis, loss of appetite, slow metabolism, indigestion and loss of sleep. Regularity helps move toxins out of the body, maintains our health and keeps our biological rhythm in order.”

That’s only a few benefits of consist wake-up time.

2. Meditate

It’s important to take time out to calm your mind every day. This mean, no cell phone, no tv, no disruption.

Roll out a mat or just chill in your backyard.

3. Water

Of course, I will include this – water is important!

4. Recite Positivity

A little “You’re handsome” in the mirror isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Checking yourself out doesn’t make you vain or a narcissist.

Love Yourself.

5. Drafting Your Mission

It’s a good thing to reflect – both good and bad memories. You want to think deeply about your life and identify yourself. We often get bombarded with so much around us that we forget about ourselves. Then, we miss the opportunity to love ourselves.

It’s good to have goals and understand what you want, but with all the tangible thing drafted around us – we forget what’s truly important. Tangible items are pleasurable, but living the moment is priceless.

6. Journal

Documenting daily or weekly helps you understand who you are. I’m not talking about going down to the dirty deeds, but merely how you feel that day.

What did you do?

How do you feel?

Are you satisfied with your day?

Why did you feel what you felt?

Not only what you feel, but thoughts –

Business ideas?

A joke you heard that made you want to pee your pants?

7. Planning Your Week

We all know the adage– if we fail to plan, we plan to fail. Effective planning is super important, and contrary to popular belief, doing more isn’t always better. Quality does outrank quantity.

For example, we all know there is a single pair of shoes or a sweater that we always wear. The shoes or sweater may cost a bit more than we generally want to spend, but we wear them all the time – so it’s worth it.

Excelling at a single talent is better than merely being good at multiple things.

8. Email Times

Oh, email– the silent killer.

I have three emails – personal, work, and an old email I refused to cancel.

Set a single time and answer all your emails instead of checking it multiple times a day.

9. Lower Usage of Social Media

This one is a big one that we’re all guilty of doing.

Instead of forcing yourself to stop using social media completely, set a time not to use social media. It can be half an hour or an hour or more. I leave my phone in another room whenever I don’t have work the next day. No, I leave it in another place when I charge it.

Text – It will be there.

Likes – It will be there.

Calls – Call back.

10. Homemade Meals

Similarly to committing with water, remember that you are what you eat. Learning how to cook save money and you control what you eat. After all, you are present and understand what you’re throwing into the dish.

11. Working Out

Hold the phone – I believe this is a famous phrase that I still don’t understand. I do not suggest a full hardcore workout, but a little stretching or jogging around the neighborhood helps.

Spending time outdoors is a natural antidepressant. Whether it’s in the morning or on your lunch break, commit to spending time in fresh air and outside of your stuffy office.

12. Socializing

Do not be a social butterfly, but I don’t recommend being a hermit. We’re humans, and we all need some form of social interaction. A study conducted by Psychology Today confirms that everyone feels happier when they socialize, introverts included.

The other day, I talked to this random lady about apples – not the deepest conversation, but it was pleasant.

13. An Hour of No Screen Before Bed

According to Business Insider, “being exposed to the blue-and-white light given off by phones, laptops, and other electronic gadgets at night prevents our brains from releasing melatonin, a hormone that tells our bodies it’s nighttime.”

14. More Sleep

Please, stop laughing at this part because we both know you scroll through social media for hours instead of doing something productive.

15. Invest a Home

Your home should be your haven, so make it a place you want to be. Allow yourself to buy fresh flowers every week or light a candle every night to unwind. Love your home.

16. Checking Credit Cards/Statements

Finances had always been a massive problem for all of us. I admit I am guilty of not checking my statements because it felt like too much work. Understand where you’re spending your money is so much more important than we realize.

17. De-Clutter

Clutter is one of the easiest ways to not want to spend time in your home. Sell or donate your items – do it!

18. Take time off.

Vacation babies!

Just kidding, not all of us can afford it.

I meant settling a single day of the week to simply chill.

Do what you want for that day!

F- cooking and cleaning!

Be free – with clothes!

19. Celebrate Minorstones

You want to self appreciate, and even the smallest accomplishment counts. I like to give a gift to myself when I post a blog with a bucket of ice cream.

I love ice cream.

20. Eliminate Toxic Influences

I’m not talking about drugs – but that is included. I’m talking about toxic peers. Value your mental and emotional health by identifying stressors and cutting ties with those who bring you down. You want to surround yourself with positive influences.

Now, pick three ideas and go for it!

Baby steps baby!