10 Steps to Overcome a Hard Time

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Sometimes, you’re in that part of your life where everything seemed to fall apart. Currently, I am in that part of my life, and sometimes I wonder if everything will stop if I merely end myself.

RandomReader: “If you’re suic-“

GoingThroughAToughTimeGirl: “Stop right there! That was an expression! I wasn’t going to actually – you know.”

Yes, these thoughts linger, and if you’re thinking about it, it’s okay because everyone had those thoughts at one point in his or her life – conscious or not. I’m not telling you to act upon it – don’t! Because you only live once (YOLO) unless you believe in reincarnation then technically you live more than once.

Before I get any more off track, I want to share with you all the steps I follow when things get rough, particularly around the holidays when everything seemed to hit at once.

Of course, everyone reacts to the specific situation differently – some with anger and others with sorrow. Then, there are some who remain so calm that no one can find fault in his or her life. The main point is that, the way you respond during that specific moment can impact you in the future because humans tend to repeat old habits – don’t allow particular response to become an annual thing.

While the world seemed to be against you, here are some tips to help:

1. Positivity

People do not understand that when they surround themselves with negative individuals, then they tend to copy their actions – mentally and physically. Find individuals who embrace life – not only theirs but yours too. You want someone who cares, love, and support you despite the situation you are in.

2. Calmness

Do not make a decision based on the emotions you are feeling at that specific moment. I understand it may be difficult, but walk away. Yes, you may feel like a complete scary cat not facing the problem heads on, but that’s okay. You want to make a wise decision and being a kiddle who is about to blow isn’t the best time.

3. Accepting support

Pride can be a problem – where it is difficult to take the hand offered to you. Do not shut others out, slapping their helping hand away because they aren’t there to judge you.

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4. Learning

I always keep a journal, to record my hard times. I know what you’re thinking “Why do you want to remember the hard times?!” It’s so I can reflect upon it, and not make the same mistake. Human brains tend to alter the past – and if you kept a detailed journal of your journey, it would help you remember what not to do or what to do.

You don’t need anything fancy – something simple that you can slip right between your bookshelf (If you read)

I can hear the snorting in the background already.

5. Counseling

I admit I went to my school counselor once because I was going through depression. I was having a hard time deciding what to do with my future – still do now. She gave me a helping hand and supported every single one of my decision inputting professional advice. Honestly, sometimes it feels good to merely have an outlet – someone who will listen to you.

6. Reality

Sometimes, during difficult situation we turn a blind eye, pretending the problem isn’t there when it’s shoving the issues in front of our faces. Previously, I said “walk away,” but that’s only temporarily. Now, when the time is right, face it because it won’t disappear on its own.

7. No one fault, but your own

Yes, this is a fact, that majority of the time whatever happened around you is your fault.

Got fired from a job?

There must be a logical reason why

Relationship falling apart?

It takes two to form a relationship.

Family feeling distance?

Your family isn’t going anywhere.

Yes, there are moments when you can’t control all aspects of your life, but the majority of the time – own it. Own up to the problem and not blame others because that would only make you bitter.

8. Decisions. Decisions.

Procrastination is a true b- yeah. You need to evaluate your options and established a plan. During these times, it is a good thing to hold a planner and plan…plan…plan! Not everything in life is equal. For example, going out with your friends versus working. Yes, going out with your peers may make you feel good for the night, but those bills aren’t going to pay for itself.

9. Outlet for Relaxation

Yoga…Workout…Dance around the living room naked…Learn how to cook…Read a book…Do something instead of sitting around and whine about your life! Personally, I am afraid I have to disagree with laying on the couch and Netflixing. Don’t get me wrong, watching a good show on the sofa is fantastic, but sometimes that aid the negative thoughts to intervene as you mindlessly watch the amazing re-runs. I suggest, do something active.

10. Faith

I’m not talking about religion, but yourself. Have faith in yourself, because you’re the one who decides what to do with your life.

Live happily 🙂