10 Signs to Quit Your Job

It’s completely normal to hate your job.

Over half of the population hate their job.

So, congrats in being ordinary.

Of course, this post isn’t about applauding you for being normal and continue your life. It’s about when to stop working your job and strive for a better or different one. There is a difference between hating your job and being utterly miserable.

Here are some signs indicating that you should quit your job.

1. Jealousy

You aren’t only jealous of your co-workers but your friends, peers, acquaintances, random people you see online. Their job appears less stressful and more appealing than yours.

For me, it’s the random people online. Ever since I start blogging, I dip a bit into misery particularly when I began reading income reports from bloggers online. Quick tip, you need to remember these bloggers or
entrepreneur are one out of thousands, so congrats you’re normal!

2. Weight Changes

It is well-known that stress is linked to weight loss of gain. Some of us are stress eaters while others forget to eat entirely. For me, I forget to eat when I’m busy. When I was in college, with two jobs, I lost ten pounds due to the amount of stress.

If you’re losing weight at work – meaning you’re no longer in school and that freshmen 15 is not an excuse – then maybe it’s time to come to terms that you’re either being overwork or you need a diet change.

3. Health

We should all visit the dentist or doctor at least once a year – even though they recommend every six months. No job should take up so much of your time that you can’t visit them once a year for roughly 2-3 hours (depending on the wait). If your workplace refuses to allow you a day off – it’s time to talk with the big boss because that’s definitely against the law.

4. Weekend

If your thinking about your job on a Friday evening, Saturday, or Sunday you’re stressing out. You should never think about your job when you clock out of the office causing spoilage of the weekend. Quick note, always separates our personal and work life. You can be friends with your co-workers, but do you really want to talk about Bob unfair evaluation of your work ethics on a Saturday evening?


Moreover, tell Bob to shove it up his as-

That was just a random example.

5. Dreams

Believe it or not, this has happened to me a few times before. I dreamt about the kids I work with – I was in daycare – and it was terrifying. I mean they are cute and all, but I see them 8 hours a day! I don’t need to see them in my dream!

If you’re having dreams about your workplace, you either need a vacation or a new job.

6. Hobbies

For me, writing – may it be blogs or stories – are my hobbies. Others are working out and reading mangas. I admit I am not an outdoor person, but I enjoy taking a trip to Yosemite once in a while. Although, that’s not a hobby, it’s a trip.

What about you?

What hobbies do you enjoy?

If you can’t think of anything, then take a step back and evaluate why.

What have you been doing these past few weeks? Months? Years?

If it’s work – yikes.

7. Planning

If you can’t make time for your families or peers than life will get lonelier causing you to fall deeper into depression. If people stop inviting you to places, then that’s a bigger problem because they always think you can’t go anyways.

My last plan was flying to Arkansaw to visit my best friend roughly two weeks ago.

What was yours?

If you can’t think of a response, then that can be an issue.

8. Expectations from Others

You want to continue working a job because you want to do it, not because others – family, friends, co-workers – are expecting you to keep working it. To others, you may hold the dream job despite the never-ending stress. You don’t want to disappoint them; you continue working despite being utterly miserable.

You don’t want to disappoint your parents who are so proud of you to uphold such an excellent stable job.

You don’t want to disappoint your friends who are so jealous of you to have such a nice paying job.

You don’t want to disappoint your boss who depends on you because you do such a darn good job.

You don’t want to disappoint society because you’re a good ole role model of a citizen.

End meets end; you must remember that you’re the one working this job not your parents, siblings, peers, boss, or society. You make the decisions for your life. If others talk behind your back about your choice, then f— them because it’s your life.

9. Dreams

Remember when you were in high school, and you dreamt about taking over the world with robots? Reality check, you can’t do that, but it was a sweet dream anyway.

If you completely stop dreaming about the unknown in the future, then that’s a problem because you should never stop dreaming. Yes, you’re no longer dreaming about taking over the world with your puppy name fluffy, but you can still dream about taking a vacation in Hawaii. You can even dream about how you will conquer your fear of height or sky diving into a waterfall. It sounds ridiculous, but its fun to dream.

What’s even better is turning that dream into a reality.

Don’t allow your life to revolve around your job.

10. Not Really A Vacation

Remember the dreams you read earlier?

Now, is a good time to turn that dream into a reality by doing it during your (paid) vacation.

It is a problem if you don’t use any of your (paid) vacation or even take sick time. Believe it or not, you don’t have to be sick to take sick leave – shady, I know, but who cares.

You shouldn’t feel guilty taking a vacation because you’re afraid your co-workers may dislike you for leaving them during their time of need. You shouldn’t feel guilty about shoving your work to someone else to have a few extra weeks off because they are getting paid to do it. They may stress out a little bit, but don’t worry they will take their pay vacation eventually. You’re bound to get the short end of the stick one way or another.

Vacations are part of the job package so why not use it?

It’s like paying for dental and never going to the dentist.

It’s like purchasing a $1000 purse and leaving it in your closet to collect dust.

It’s like-

Reader: “We get it. Use what you have.”

Endnote: Do not feel guilty about taking a vacation.

Now, if you’re suffering from all ten of this, you may want to reconsider your career choice.

Happy Working or Not! Up to you!