First Month Blogging Report – October 2018

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One month had passed since I entered the world of blogging!


I am sharing my income report because I want to track my progress and help others by sharing my experience, but mostly so I can reflect.

So, I’m not going to beat around the bush – let’s get rolling!

Previous Income Reports (September 2018)


October 2018 Goals & Learnings

1. Page Views

Currently, I am using HostGator as my web hosting for my WordPress site. I am still trying to figure my way around because there are so many resources. It gets a little overwhelming sometimes, but I prefer taking it slow. Perhaps, it’s not the best time to start a blog around the busiest time of the year. Anyways, I am averaging less than 20 visits per day. Yikes!

2. Pinterest

I am using Tailwind for Pinterest because I heard a lot of good stuff around it. Of course, I manually Pin things too because I enjoy reading the blog posts and sort things out myself when I have the time. I cannot say much about Pinterest because I used it for only roughly three weeks.

I am averaging around 40K monthly views with a bit over 100 followers. I am doing quite well on Pinterest compare to my blog, but its probably because I am more active over there.

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3. Email Subscribers

It’s so sad; I won’t even talk about it.

4. Blog Posts

Currently, I had published 18 blog posts. My blog posts topics vary from fashion to saving money. I haven’t figure out my “niche” yet, so everything is still a “work in progress.”

5. Affiliate Sale

This is as depressing as the email subscribers!

6. End Note

I would say for my first month of blogging; I didn’t do too bad mainly since I am blogging part-time. Currently, I am working two jobs – yes, two jobs – and things get pretty hectic especially with all the holidays sneaking around the corner. Overall, I am content with where I am, and I shall continue thriving!