Top Ten Gift Giving Classical Toys

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Here are the top ten toys every child must go through:

1. Play-Doh

2. Nerf

Poke an eye and make some memories!
*Or use protective eyewear

3. Science Kit

Now, it is time to see if your child has the ability to become a scientist!

4. ABC, Easy as 1,2,3

We all go through the alphabetical phase

5. Chef (insert name here)

Does your child have the skill to become a chef?

Now, watch and see what he or she does with a spoon!


6. Monopoly

Ah, the game that tears a family apart. I love it.

7. Legos

Just be careful not to step on one!

8. Rainbow Scratch Art

My mom stopped buying this for me because I left such a mess, but I remember how much fun it was to scratch everything until my heart’s content instead of lazily watching television.

9. Jenga

Not only children, but adult loves this! Buy two stacks instead of one and watch as the game takes a whole new level of danger and fun!

10. Clay Charms

Not into Playdoh! Try Clay to mold your child creativity – get it?


11. Connect 4

Just try not to lose the pieces

12. Hot Wheels

13. Mega Bloks or Wooden Blocks

I always feel so conflicted noting seeing a “c” in bloks.

14. Markers

Come on, this is a classic!

15. UNO Card Game

Come on! It’s cheap and fun!

There you go! Top 15 gifts for your child, your neighbor’s child, niece, nephew! Everyone! Gifts here! Gifts there! Gifts everywhere!