Ten Must Do’s in the Morning

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Growing up, I was never a morning person except for being forced to wake up and go to school. When I’m heading to school, I often sleep in the car – and with the thanks of traffic – I get an extra 15 minutes. When I hit college, things change, and I learned how to wake up early in the morning. I learned how to wake up at 4:30 am.

DesperateforSleep: “Why? What’s wrong with you?”

StillaSleepLover: “Money”

At that time, I was desperate for money since my financial aid was used for the dormitory. Due to my minimum amount of job experience and a limited schedule, I was only able to get a job as a waitress for a restaurant that opened at 6 am in the morning. I had to wake up early to catch the bus, then walked to work. I was 17 when I graduated from high school, and my parents refused to allow me to drive until I’m 18. Yes, I went through college for almost 3 months without knowing how to drive, but that’s a story for another day.

Over time, I learned how to implement a few things into my morning routine to make me a little less crazy…cranky…cuckoo.

1. A glass of water.

Drinking a glass or two of water in the mornings helps kick-start metabolism, flush out toxins, and hydrate the body. We often overlook this vital part, and our body tends to get dehydrated throughout the day, resulting in a possible headache.

2. Stretch

Stretching can wake those muscles up, get the blood flowing to all parts, and send a signal to your body to wake up and get ready for the day. If you don’t know how to stretch, check out my Pinterest account to see the different stretching poses!

3. Exercise

Let’s say you have a bit more time – work out. The sweats will make you feel good since exercising releases endorphins – chemicals produced in the brain that help minimize pain and discomfort and increase well being as well as reduction of stress. Click here, for more exercise move for specific body parts work out.

4. Soak up the light

You’ve spent the entire night inside the house or dorms underneath artificial lights. Open those curtains, allow that fresh air to enter your room, and breath. Your eyes will light up; your skin will glow – not literally -, and you’ll feel amazing!

5. Stop with the Snooze

It’s so easy to hit that snooze button – sometimes I still do it particularly after a long day of work. It may feel great at the time, but in the long run, wrong. Your body will want to enter through another sleep cycle making you feel crappier.

6. Morning Playlist.

This part can get a bit tricky since I had a roommate at the time. So, I plugged in some earphones – common courtesy, and I don’t want a pitchfork up my as-. A morning playlist or just a selection of your favorite songs can lift your spirits in no time and leave you calm and relaxed for the day.

7. Check your Journal/Calendar

Reading what you did the day before, or checking what you have to do for the day can make your day so much more progressive. Once you look back at everything you accomplish, you will feel better about your day.

8. Eat something healthy

Eating a morning meal will help you shake that sluggishness off, and leave you feeling fresh and energetic. I suggest staying away from the sugary cereal or energy bar – save them for a busy day. I go by the rule of Eat like a king during the day and a peasant at night.

9. Take 10 minutes and relax

This is for people who can wake up a bit earlier – read an article, book, or essay to improve your vocabulary or when you need a little bit of inspiration. I like to read morning jokes and laugh or stories about people who went through a rough time – not the sad one, but funny ones. If you’re not much of a reader you can always put down that cell phone, turn off the television, and chill. Sit there, and not think – trust me when I say your mind will clear.

Also, if you know any website that tells funny stories – please tell me.

Currently, I am re-reading To Kill a Mockingbird – what can I say?

It’s a classic for me.

10. Write down your tasks for the day.

Honestly, this should be done only once a week – plan. Although, there are times when you forget to write down a note for the day so sit there and write what you want to accomplish.

11. Positive Conversation [EXTRA]

This isn’t only for the beginning of the day, but the end. You want to start and end on a good note, even if the middle is horrific.