Thriver Review…Scam or Legit – Lucktastic

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When I was younger, which is like a hundred years ago, whenever I went to this local Asian supermarket there was always a scratching machine in front of the store. With many seasons passing by, dear ole daddy decided to give me twenty dollars for some unexplainable reason and told me to buy something by myself. At that time, I knew how to handle money, but that machine was calling me! I don’t remember how many, but my pockets were filled with scratch cards by the time I left the store – I don’t understand why no one stopped me from purchasing it in the first place!

At that age, I knew how to handle money, but I never understood the concept of lottery tickets. I thought it was a game made for – everyone! (Reality: It wasn’t) I got a good scolding from my parents and end up crying in the corner of the room – Reflecting, it was pretty hilarious mainly since they didn’t yell at me that much. I was the one who overreacted thinking they would go all Godzilla on me.

I don’t remember if we won any money…

Anyways, as I grew up, I understood the concept of lottery tickets. You spend a dollar or two than bang – filthy stinking rich! Now, let’s turn a cheek into reality. You’re more likely to lose money than win, but at least you get a thrill out of it!

Rewind to three months ago, I stumbled upon an app called Lucktastic when I was bored. I had always enjoyed scratching cards that my boyfriend purchased, so I thought “Why not?”

Plus, it’s free!

My favorite four worded letter.


Lucktastic stated it is “a fun and free app where players can win real cash prizes and real rewards straight from their mobile devices.”

Is Lucktastic a Scam?

Of course, I always check whether or not an app is a scam before downloading it. So, I went to *drum roll* google.

Jump Ramp Games own the app, a mobile-first company specializing in free mobile gaming where Lucktastic was its flagship app, launched back in 2014.

How Lucktastic Works

What do you do to get started?

1) Download the app from the link provided.

2)Enter your real or real fake ZIP code to confirm you’re a U.S. resident – this is a downer for international players, but it’s because this app is funded by advertising.

3)Share your location with the app.

4)Start playing

Of course, it’s not rocket science – not that I’m a professional at rocket science.

You scratch off your first card by holding your finger to the screen and swiping back and forth – giving yourself a finger workout – okay that sound filthy. Afterward, Lucktastic will continue to walk you through the app and show you how everything works.

You can redeem your cash with a gift card where you must have scored at least $2, through a check in the mail with at least $10, or a Visa gift card which is at least $100.

Iwantfreemoney: “You’re avoiding the important part! Money! How much money can I get free money?!”

Iwantfreemoneytoo: “I’m getting there”

How Much Money Can You Make? Lucktastic Winners?

Lucktastic says you can win up to $10,000 instantly. It boasts 220,000 winners who have taken home a collective $3 million to date. Its website features an array of winners. An assortment also shows up in the news — like the Las Vegas man who won $1 million, according to Yahoo Finance.

I’m not confident if I can trust this claim – then again, I’ve always been a person full of doubts.

Personally, I decided to turn the other cheeks at $1.75 and 15546 coins.

Now that we are involving tokens…

Cash and Tokens?

Cash is… Once you earn at least $2, you can trade it in for a gift card – something I was never able to achieve. There was a part of me that wished I can installed a quarter so that I can withdraw $1.75.

Based on my experience, you’re more likely to earn tokens. You can find your token count at the top right side of the screen. Use your tokens to enter contests. This is a raffle, where you’re entered to win a prize.

How to Play Lucktastic to make the most out of it?

There are many ways to earn Lucktastic rewards.

Scratch Cards

Every Lucktastic scratch card is free and there are dozens of scratch cards to play every day. Even if you don’t match the three symbols required to win, you can always earn reward tokens.

Here is a side story that you may or may not find funny. A few times I actually got three symbols and I got so excited until I realized it wasn’t the symbol they wanted, then I went back to my ice cream. Okay, not as funny as I thought it would be once I wrote it out.

Anyways, there are many scratch cards to choose from with different prize options. Some games give you the chance to win actual cash prizes that can vary between $2 and $1,500, up to $10,000.

The catch?

The player will need to watch a 30-second advertisement before beginning a new scratch card. These advertisements can become soul-sucking, but no purchase is ever required, unless you want to.

There is also a bonus card during specific time!

Will I give you the time?

No, but a little research on your end doesn’t hurt – You are definitely not coming back to this blog…

Daily Rewards

If you play one scratch game at least four days in a row, you will earn a daily rewards bonus. On the fifth day, you’re eligible for a mystery reward, which is something I achieved once – pat in the back for me.

Link to Apps

Additional tokens can be earned by downloading sponsored apps through Lucktastic. For example, you can visit the whateverthisappmaybe, watch a brief video, and browse local offers on the app.



Not….I tried this once, but I never received anything….but that may be just me.

Lucktastic and Social Media

Sharing Lucktastic on social media also helps you earn 1,000 tokens for each friend you refer via social media.

Will I Keep Playing Lucktastic?

The truth?

No (I had stated this twice in my post already if you didn’t realize)

I liked the game, but only momentarily until I got tired of the constant ads. It was one ad after another making me want to flip a table. Truthfully, I just kept the app because I used all my coins on a magazine subscription and wanted to know if it will arrive (I will update this article if it does).

If you enjoy free scratch cards and you don’t mind being bombed by advertisement, I say go for it!


Completely free

Free coins each day sign in

Earn money and coins

Various amounts of gift cards

Easy to navigate

Redeem tokens for gift cards, magazine subscriptions, or contest entries

Bonus scratch cards available between 1 and 5 pm Eastern and after 9 pm Eastern – look at that, I did look it up for you.


Advertisement with every card

Unlikely to win money

Unlikely to win a lotto

Redeeming gift cards by saving coins – takes a lengthy amount of time.

If you don’t have the patience to earn 10,000 tokens or don’t match three winning symbols on a regular basis to win the grand prize, Lucktastic will quickly feel like a waste of time – me.

Lucktastic isn’t a scam because it’s free to play and you win real prizes. The app makers are also visible that Lucktastic isn’t a rolling in dough app. Lucktastic is not a productive side hustle because it requires no skill. You don’t even need fingers to win, I saw my nephew use his toes to scratch the card. Why? I have no idea why he would do something like that. You will win real money, but there are better ways to earn cash and/or gift cards in shorter periods of time.

This app receives a 3.0/5.0 due to the maximum amount of advertisement, but it is quick and easy for those who have itchy fingers.