Ten Side Hustle Ideas

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It has been three months since I became a full-time worker and I tell you – it sucks balls! How do you all do it?

That was a legit question – please, tell me how in the comment section.

Working around the clock can be excruciatingly mentally draining. The funny part is, somehow your bank account always seem empty. That’s when you know; it’s time to make some changes. I know I did.

I’m not talking about working endless hours; rather a few side hustling gigs can surely transform your income.

Ready for some extra money?

1. Selling on Amazon/eBay/Etsy

Admit it, you have items laying in your closet or attic that you never touch, but you kept it because “I may use it someday.”

My reply: “You’re just a hoarder.”

It is time to shuffle through those boxes and sell, sell, sell!

List – Ship – Get Paid.

2. Starting a Blog

If you enjoy writing, I say, go for it. Blogging can be quite fun and a method to express yourself – share your creativity with the world. From travel to fashion, there are thousands of people who share their interests and you can too. Moreso, more people are willing to read about it.

Tools like WordPress, Canva, and Grammarly are great online tools to use – particularly for a beginner. For WordPress, I use it mainly for blogging. I use Canva and Grammarly for blogging and writing on WattPad.

Unlike selling your stuff online, this cannot be a quick money maker. It will take time and effort. I didn’t earn my first dollar until my third month of blogging! If you’re dedicated and hardworking, blogging can be profitable in the long run.

Advertisement, affiliate links, purchasable goods/services, and subscriber memberships are a few ways you can earn a passive income. Once you get your foot through the door, then customers will throw themselves at you!

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3. Shopify Store

Shopify is an excellent option for individuals who are just introducing themselves to the world of e-commerce. If you’re dedicated enough – similar to blogging – it can become a big money maker.

4. Freelance Projects

Freelancing can be anything from writing for another blog to plumbing. It’s self-employed, and anything goes.

Somehow, near the end – it sounds wrong.

5. Sell T-Shirts

Many business start-ups pricey and exhausting before you can see some money flowing back. Selling T-shirts is a quick way to see an income.

However, be honest with yourself – are you creative?

6. Selling Yourself

It’s the generation of Youtubing, and it is bringing in an income. If you’re comfortable in your shoes, then go for it. That means if you’re not afraid to show yourself to the world then start a Youtube channel.

Scratch that.

Nowadays, you don’t have to show your face to be a Youtuber! I’ve seen videos where top hit Youtuber have no face – showing their hands or voices only.

The best thing about YouTube is that even if you stop, your videos will continue to generate income off of ad revenue – passive income.

7. Write an E-Book

Many writers are self-published. You can be one too.

Articles and blogs are great – fabulous, but readers are willing to pay more for something with more. It’s all psychological- people are willing to value the objects they pay for instead of things handed to them for free.

8. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliated marketing is like being a hustler for companies. You bring in customers; they throw money at you.

I haven’t established a strong link with many companies except Amazon Associates.

9. Mystery Shopping

Who doesn’t like free things?!

I love free items and food! So, mystery shopping is a definite plus in my books!

I recommend getting started with CloserLook.

10. Complete Surveys Online

Organizations are always looking for statistics, and they will pay you for your opinions. Most of these surveys don’t pay highly, but the surveys are easy to complete.

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