Second Month Blogging Report – November 2018

Disclosure: There may be affiliate links below, where this site may earn a specific income

Two months had passed since I entered the world of blogging – kind of.

Currently, with the move from my apartment into a rental house then transitioning jobs, things had been crazy!

Everyone, I need me day.

Previous Income Report (October 2018)

No Income [insert frowning face here]

November 2018 Goals & Learnings

1. Page Views

Currently, I am using HostGator as my web hosting for my WordPress site. I am still trying to figure my way around because there are so many resources.

Last I decided to do a calculation per day visit, and felt that was kind of meh – I don’t like it. So, I decided to do a whole month visitation which was 237 visitors and 364 views total.

Last month, I had 54 visitors and 208 total views.

Not too shabby I may say so myself.

Yes, I am still an extremely part part-time blogger.

2. Pinterest

I am using Tailwind for Pinterest because I heard a lot of good stuff around it. Of course, I manually Pin things too because I enjoy reading the blog posts and sort things out myself when I have the time.

Honestly, Tailwind can get a bit overwhelming when I forget to pin a bunch of posts for the week.

I am averaging around 60K monthly views with 131 followers.

+ 20K monthly views


I highly recommend using Pinterest if you want your blog to obtain a steady audience. Consumers and other bloggers are always on Pinterest attempting to socialize or in search of inspiration.

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3. Email Subscribers

Crickets are still scattering around here.

To be honest, I don’t know how to set up a subscribing email list. The email subscription websites were so brutally confusing that I wanted to cry.

I had heard continuously how setting up a subscribing list is excruciatingly essential for bloggers and business builders so that they can connect with their loyal readers.

4. Blog Posts

Currently, I had published 39 blog posts, compared to 18 last month.

+ 21 blog posts

I still haven’t figure out my “niche” yet, so everything is still a “work in progress.” It’s okay to not know your niche because what you assumed you like writing about isn’t necessarily going to be what you, well – write on your blog. It’s weird, but once you start blogging you’ll understand.

5. Affiliate Sale

This is still as depressing as the email subscribers!

6. Expenses:

Last month I didn’t do any expenses, so I decided to sneak this in here.

Here are my overall expenses on the How Thrivers Blog –

HostGator/WordPress: $358.20/ 36 months (Started: October 2018)

I don’t know what I was thinking to pour in 36 months worth of time into a blog that may or may not succeed. I must be nuts to even finalize this instead of doing a month to month payment. But, I’m entering my third month and I refused to back away!

TailWind: $ 119 / year (Started: November 2018)

TailWind had been kind to be so far, so I’ll keep it. I’ll have more to comment when the year end.

KidisPtyLtd: $69/ one time usage (Started: November 2018 – Ended: November 2018)

So, I did the dumbest thing and experimented a bit too much with my blog then ended up locking myself out. Reflecting back, I could’ve contacted HostGator instead to help me…I don’t want to discuss this any further.

We all make mistakes. Let’s end it there.

Making Sense of Affiliated Marketing by Michelle Schroeder-Gardner: $197/one-time payment( Started: November 2018)

I haven’t finished the course yet, because…honestly…I don’t have time.

Although, so far I love what Michelle had to say, particularly her links to different companies.

6. End Note:

I would say for my second month of blogging; I didn’t do too bad mainly since I am still blogging part-time.

Yes, I am still working two jobs!

But, I finally finished moving and slowly transitioning out of my old job and into my new one.

I learn that it is not easy being a blogger mainly if you want to squeeze some passive income from it. Personally, I am not looking for a passive income, but it would be nice to see all my efforts turning into something tangible.

While reading through this, I realized I should establish some goals to motivate me, but that’s a time for next month!

See you there!