Save Money Without Changing Your Lifestyle

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Ah…the amazing holiday is whisking around the corner and let’s be real we all need “money…money…money!”

Now, let’s dive into the details with ways to save money without changing your lifestyle:

1. Shopping

Have you ever seen the free ad papers in front of the store? Grab one! Use it to your full advantage because sometimes they mess up and you can bargain for a discount!

There are also grocery shops at an alternative/discount such as Trader Joes’s, Farmers’ markets, etc.

Another tip is when you’re shopping, sway brand name products for label ones. For example, when I’m shopping at Target, I used their store brand – it works relatively the same and it’s generally cheaper.

2. Dining

Reduce the number of times you dine out and start meal prepping! Click here, for free at home recipes!

3. Beautify Me

Reevaluate your beauty regimen – because trust me, the cost of beauty products is expensive! Stand there and think – “Do I need this $100 product?”

If you genuinely feel like you do because everyone had been bragging about the product. I suggest, getting a sample before purchasing – this is for skincare.

4. Check out

Before submitting your order for any site, double check other retailer’s price. If the item is not necessary, bookmark it, and come back. That extra day can change your mind, where you realize you don’t need five new jackets!

5. Review

I’ve always seen subscribe and save, discount, on sale, etc. Do not fall for those tricks! Again “Do I need this or am I purchasing it because it seems like a good deal?”

6. Sharing is Caring said the CareBear

Borrow items that you don’t use that often instead of purchasing

7. Free Books

Repeat after me “library card” – get one.

8. Services

Review your tv, internet, phone, etc. services. Sometimes, there are better deals out there, or they can offer you a better deal so you will stay! For example, every year I would call my Comcast service for a better deal, and I got $15 off for the next six months – disregarding the fact that I don’t pay that much, to begin with, but what can I say?

I’m a penny whore

Also, reviewing your subscription will enable you to realize you don’t use that app or services as often as you believe.

9. Swap

Instead of using paid entertainment use the free activities available at your community such as festivals, live performances, etc. Although, I suggest be cautious with your spending during these events.

10. Selling Old Items

We have junk laying around the house where we may “use it one day” and let’s be real; we don’t. Sell the item and make some extra dough!

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Yes, you can always make more money. However, the more you make, the more likely you will spend. There is always one tip I follow whenever I am out and about – “Need vs. Want.”

Now, go save your money!