How to Keep Your Life in Order

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I have a system I’ve been working on for months to keep my life in order. When there is a system and a structure simple to adapt, it ensures productivity. After all, the last thing we all want is to scramble for our stuff with ten seconds in our hand then cried when we are late for work. Of course, we wouldn’t complain, but we wouldn’t feel happy either.

Here are some methods to adapt to keep your life in order:

1) A Designated Place

I’m going to say this now, purse or backpack is not a place for your keys. One main reason is that – let’s admit it – we got a dozen bags. These bags can somehow turn into a black hole! The other day, when I was cleaning out my purses, I found a ten dollar bills and my inhaler that I thought I lost. A few times, I even thought I somehow lost my phone and had to use my tile – yeah I’m not proud of myself.

Designate a shelf or a hanger for all your keys!

For me, I have a simple hanger that has all my keys and mails right beside the door.

2) Prepping

Make your coffee, so it will be ready before the alarm goes off.

Set out work or workout clothes.

Have a water container beside you.

Have your bags ready to go.

Know exactly what you’re going to eat for breakfast.

3) Calendar/Notebook

Keep a notebook or calendar beside you to record everything you need to do that day or even week. Every Saturday or Sunday, take a sit and reflect your upcoming week with what goals you want to accomplish.

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4) Yoga

I’m not saying do an intense 30 minutes yoga, but a quick 5 minutes stretch will be sufficient.

Check out my Pinterest for free Yoga poses!

5) Transitional Time

It would help if you had barriers, and by that I mean break. We generally don’t give ourselves some breathing times between transitions from one thing to another, despite how tiring we felt. Whether it’s being on your phone or even watching television, it can be strength consuming. I suggest merely sitting in silence or outside, enjoying what the environment has to offer. While you’re on a break at work, try to not be on your phone, instead relax and eat an apple – after all, an apple a day keeps the doctor away!

Just kidding, that part isn’t true!

However, an apple is delicious!