How to Improve Time Management

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Time management is a valuable skill and not everyone is blessed with such skill – such as me. Particularly, with all these potential distractions lurking around us. For example, the usage of social media can distract us for hours or merely overestimating our ability to complete a project that took us longer than intended.

With age, comes responsibilities and it will get harder to manage time efficiently and effectively.

I admit, I struggle with time management even now, but as I move forward, I found tips and tricks that help me. Here are a few tips you can use to improve your time management skills.

1. Time Block

Time blocks are a method in basically placing a block for and between each task. Each block will contain only one job and ensure you will complete that task. The time block can vary from an hour to three hours depending on the project you are trying to finish. For example, laundry folding should only take half an hour while studying for school should be at least a minimum of an hour. Be sure to place breaks in between to re-energize. For the smaller tasks, I set half an hour of break, but for the bigger ones, it would be an hour.

During goal setting, please do not attack the whole goal instead attack them one at a time. For example, when you’re cleaning the bathroom – do not clean the entire bathroom. Start at only the bathtub or any area then move onward. Generally, it makes the whole task much more manageable and achievable.

SideNote: Do not go on social media during breaks.

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2. Routines

You want to establish a productive morning and evening routine. Routine creates structure and productivity in your day. Each person had their own morning and afternoon routine depending on their environment.

3. Kick in Energy

Figure out which part of the day you hold the most energy and use it. For example, I am most awake during the morning – much to my dislike. Then, when 6 or 7 pm hits, I crash. The sun set, and so do I.

During the height of your energy, complete the tasks that are the most troubling and knock that right out.

4. Importance of No

Many of us like the feeling of helping others out, but you must remember that you come first. You cannot juggle someone else life as well as your own – every single one of us has enough luggage as it is.

I understand that the feeling that comes with disappointment is harsh, but we got to learn how to live through it. After all, we cannot say yes to everything, all the time. Your time is as precious as the person sitting beside you or the person in the other room.

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5. Boundaries

Work stays at work and whatever happened at home – stays at home. Learn how to separate the two, and it will make your life so much easier to…live. Often enough, we blurred the line between professional and personal life, often intertwining them when we shouldn’t.

You do not want to talk to your partner about your big-bad-wolf of a boss and trust me – your partner doesn’t enjoy hearing you nagging about the big-bad-wolf.

You do not want to check your emails when you should be sipping wine or a can of soda.

Find boundaries.

Leave your laptop in the other room – out of sight and out of mind.

Your home is a place for relaxation, and you should keep it that way. If there are problems at work, allow the “tomorrow” you to deal with it. The “current” you will binge on snacks and tv shows because you deserve it.

Sometimes, we have to bring work home – similar to me. If you do work from home, designate a work area.

6. Preparation

Once per week, may it be a Saturday or Sunday or even a Tuesday – review and plan. Review what had occurred the previous week and plan for the upcoming week. It is essential to establish your ability to accomplish a specific task to improve time management.

One of the most important things I realized I needed in my life is a calendar. You need to find one that works only for you. I run through 3-5 calendar a year because I don’t like them and I use it every day.

If you’re not into a physical calendar, then I suggest using a digital, such as Google calendar. After all, your phone is always with you wherever you go. Plus, it’s free!

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7. Clean Space

You cannot believe how much a clean and tidy space can change your productivity. You want a clean area at your workstation or just your bedroom. Do not allow clothes to scatter all over the floor and adapt that mentality where you will clean during the weekend because we all know you will not – I know I won’t.

So, be sure to put in cleaning times during weekdays to ensure weekends are all for you!

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Happy…Time Management!