How to Heal a Negative Mind

There are moments when things get rough in life, and it’s more comfortable to self-pity then deal with the problem. With our self-pitiness consuming every inch of our body, we forget that it’s normal to feel down. We forget that there are millions of other people who felt the same way and we choose not to speak about it – almost as if it was forbidden.

Negative thoughts are linked to anxiety and it’s natural to want to get rid of them. We want to live a comfortable life where we don’t have to worry about anything else – bills, relationships, work, etc.

Anxiety and thoughts intertwined resulting in misery. It’s difficult to treat them since it’s all inside our mind. We tried our best to resist it, push it back, and pretend it isn’t there. In the end, we simply ignore it and build it up – causing us to burst – in many different ways.

Obviously, it is not possible to destroy your negative thinking – it will always be there. However, we can always learn how to minimize it. Once it is minimized, we can learn how to heal our mind. Here are some methods I used to heal all the negativity lurking inside my mind.

Step 1: Acceptance

It is true that the first step is always the hardest. In order to minimize the negative mindset, you must recognize and accept that there is a problem. Recognize that you need to do something and learn how to manage your emotions.

Step 2: Invest in Yourself

Yes, you can always invest in a house or a car, but does that really make you happy?

Invest time in yourself because you should be your first priority. Put away all distractions – social media, friends, family members, lovers, etc. – so you will be able to tune into you and take care of yourself.

Step 3: Rewind

Before you confront your current emotions, take a rewind. You need to check out the root of the problem – when did it came up?

Was it when you graduate from college?

Was it when you move out of your parent’s house?

Was it when you realized you couldn’t lay a job?

Was it when you realized you couldn’t live up to the expectations around you?

When exactly was it?

Or perhaps, it everything combined?

Step 4: Writing Your Thoughts

A method I always used it to write my thoughts down and burn it afterward. Honestly, I don’t want the chances of others finding the journal with all my negative thoughts lurking about then read it. It does help though, simply writing down how you felt that day or week and screamed it out loud – even if no one heard it.

Journal it out.

Step 5: Do What You Want to Do

Sometimes, there are specific events in life that stop you from doing the things you want to do – such as an unexpected pregnancy, job offer, etc. These events skew you away from your goals and that’s okay. Often enough, we create new goals and forget the old ones on our list such as climbing Mount Everest before turning 30. Turn back, and remember what you wanted to do when you were younger before everything occurred and perhaps – do it.

You will realize that once you put in that little check mark, it feels really good. In turn, you began valuing yourself more.

So how do you feel now?