How to Get Free Photos

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Recently, I’ve been reading more about the legal side of blogging.

Something blogger rarely discuss are photos legal rights – as in, you cannot use any photos.

Being a small blogger – like me – maybe you can get away with it…maybe.

However, over time, someone may slip into your website and bang – you got yourself a case.

Now, of course, we all want those beautiful photos from Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, etc etc.

PhotoEnvier: “Wow! I want that!”

MentalLawyerofPhotoEnvier: “Yeah! You can’t just take that! It’s illegal!”

New bloggers have a tendency to Google everything without knowing the legal terms. Unfortunately, I’ve done this and had to go back and edit all my photos.

So, what do I do?

I researched like nuts, trying to find free legal photos because “I ain’t got the money for a case.”

Here are websites you want to check out for legal photos!


2. Pixabay

3. Unsplash

4. Gratisography

5. Morguefile

6. Stockvault

7. Picjumbo

8. Pikwizard

9. Rawpixel

10. Reshot

11. Haute Stock

12. Elle Drouin

13. Creative Convex

14. Boss Latina

15. Wonderlass

16. Color U Bold

17. Create Her Stock

18. A Prettier Web

19. Stock Shop by Shay Cochrane

20. Stock Gallery

21. Ivory Mix

22. City Girl Searching

23. Dabbles & Babbles

24. The Magical Canopy

25. Helene in Between

26. Solopreneur Sidekick

27. Styled Stock

28. Canva


30. Burst (By: Spotify)

31. FoodiesFeed

32. Gratisography


34. Picography

35. MMT Stock

36. Kaboom Pics

37. SkitterPhoto

38. Life of Pix

39. Little Visuals

40. Death to Stock Photos

41. New Old Stocks

42. Jay Mantri

43. Epicantus

44. ShotStash

Remember to read the Terms and Conditions for each website – because there are cases in that department too!