How to Deal with Sensitive Skin

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Sensitive skin can be challenging since there are many types, so reactions can result from many different things – soap, moisturizers, makeup, or specific ingredients. The conditions are generally not severe as long as you keep the symptoms under control with particular steps in the skincare routine.

For me, I have a particular skincare routine – which was recently revised by my dermatologist since my skin had become extremely dry. It became so dry that my skin began cracking and bleeding – yikes!

Tip: First and foremost, I always recommend visiting your dermatologist – after all, they are the expert!

During my visit with my dermatologist, I sat there and discussed my skincare routine with her for nearly half an hour and these are the result:

Your skincare regimen is your foundation, and anything that is less effective would make a shaky base which can result in acne or worse. The starting of a strong foundation would be a facial wash.

Nowadays, there are many products with additions of scents which can be irritating to sensitive skin. Choose products that say perfume free or unscented on the label.

Tip: Choose laundry detergent that is unscented to wash your clothes can help your skin problem. Detergents that claim to be deodorant or antibacterial can also be irritating where it is best to try plant-based detergents.

For the facial wash, my dermatologist and I decided to push back the Dove soap bar that I usually used to CeraVe Hydrating Cleaner and CeraVe Foam Facial Cleanser. It is for normal to dry skin with a claim to be non-comedogenic. Overall, it is an entirely plain product.

When I finish washing my skin, I will pat off the water with a paper towel.

SkincareLover: “What?! Don’t you use a towel? Environmental hater!”

SensitiveSkinPerson: “Perhaps it is a psychological issue, but I like using a paper towel. In my defense, I use it to wipe the wet counter and even clean up the dust afterward, so it’s not a complete waste. Yes, I clean my bathroom a little after I finish my skincare – it’s an odd habit.”

Afterward, I would use Aquaphor which is a healing ointment for dry, cracked or irritated skin where it is only applied when needed. I would use this product on my cracked dry skin twice a day, for the next two weeks. We decided two weeks because this product often causes pore clog, which is something we don’t want – so the recommendation is to use it for two weeks or until the dryness is completely gone. I am only on my second day of using this Aquaphor, and I already see a result!

Reminder: Use the product only when necessary – so it is best during winter!

Then, I would use the CeraVe AM/PM Facial Moisturizing Lotion.

A few tips would be:

  1. Drink water daily to stay hydrated
  2. Change/Wash pillowcase
  3. Maintain a healthy diet
  4. Avoid touching face with hands
  5. Main a constant sleeping routine
  6. Avoid using too many products
  7. Avoid applying makeup too often
  8. Avoid using products with too many ingredients
  9. Exercise daily
  10. Positive thoughts

There you go! These are my tips and experience as a thriver with sensitive skin! A simple skincare routine can surely make a difference along with a dash of positivity. Stressing over your skin problems will not solve it, I recommend taking actions with one simple change at a time. Do not immediately change your skincare routine of lifestyle because you are more prone to revert into old habits.

That’s all! Happy healthy skin care!