How Thrivers…Lose Belly Fat

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I remember one summer, I was laying on the couch consuming a delicious blueberry muffin with my jeans button open. My boyfriend walked in, and he shook his head in disapproval of my lifestyle. With that single look, I tilted my head down realizing the layer of fat. Of course, I’m still deemed “fit” by social standards, but the layers weren’t pretty. I didn’t wear a single swimsuit the whole summer! I couldn’t even play the scenario of fake it till you make it because I had a hard time sucking in my stomach!

So, I turn towards the internet to lose belly fat and tone up, which took quite a while – I believe there is no such thing as an instant result and you shouldn’t either.

What causes layers?

There are numerous amount of reasons why there are fats in your stomach. Do not think they appear overnight! It takes time to develop those layers – like one cupcake at a time kind of scenario. You think they arrived overnight because you finally realized it is there.

Here are a few things that can cause belly fat:

Drinking soft drinks (soda) – the sugar content in these are ridiculously high! For example, did you know there are 35g in a 330ml can of Cola-Cola?! There are 10.6 g of sugar per 100 mL of Coca-Cola original taste. Did you also know that 35g of sugar is equivalent to roughly 7 teaspoons of sugar.

Of course, I’m not dissing Coca-Cola! I even have a pack of it inside my closet – it’s my favorite brand of soda, but you got to know what you’re intaking in your body.

Consuming while stressing

Lack of proper nutrition

Lack of proper rest

Consequences of belly fat?

Stomach fat can lead to severe health consequences. Check out these consequences here.

Here you can read how to fight this problem or prevent it.

Wantingtoloselayers365: “I don’t care about that helpful but useless information! Tell me how to lose my belly fat!”

ScaredWriter: “Please, don’t hurt me. I’m getting there.”

How to lose belly fat at home:

1. Do not skip breakfast

I understand it is quite difficult to wake up early – mainly when you’re barely scraping by five hours of sleep – but try to sleep at least 15-20 minutes earlier so you can wake up earlier. Does that make sense?

Use that 15-20 minutes to make yourself a substantial breakfast to prep for the day. Throughout the day, your body will be entirely active, burning a large number of calories. You want to burn that large breakfast, and not feel like you’re burnt out due to skipping breakfast.

2. Limit the intake of processed food

Processed food does taste delicious, I admit. I am guilty of holding five different types of ramens, and those are the ones in the closet – hidden away just in case a virus breakout and I can’t enter society.

Anyways, the industrially processed food contains a large number of calories.

Here is an interesting article in regards of American population and processed food!

3. Hand over that Aqua!

I never tell anyone to drink 8-10 cups of water per day. I always propose to them to drink whenever they are thirsty so that they can stay hydrated. If you’re bored of water, add fruits or vegetables to make them tastier. Do not think the additional fruits in your water will get rid of fat – check out my Thriver Talk Tall Tales – Detox Water.

You want to drink water to stay away from sodas and alcohol. Drinking water also makes you fuller hence you consume less.

4. Catching Those Zs

Many people say “Sleep 8-9 hours a day!” Let’s be realistic; we are barely catching 5-6, maybe 7 hours on a lucky day.

One of the things you can do to increase your sleeping time is to plan the week efficiently, so you know when not to waste time. We tend to wave time away as if it’s unlimited when it’s not! A schedule will hold gain order in your life, and aid you in realizing where you are wasting your time.

5. Exercise

This one shouldn’t even be a surprise. One of the oldest methods of losing weight in any part of your body is to work out – may it be at home or gym. Try working out a minimum of 3 times per week.

Igotalife: “Yeah I don’t have the time for that sh-“

Igotalifetoo: “We all got time.”

Okay, let’s say you’re in a hectic schedule. Park the car a bit farther from your workplace or school or take the stairs instead of the elevator. Do the little things which can increase your calories outtake overtime.

Check out how I lose weight – lazy style!

6. Revaluating Life

When we’re stress, may it be a last minute assignment or relationship problem, we eat. Its simple, it’s there, and it’s comforting. Guilty is charge. I sometimes throw a bag of those fluffy hot Cheetos after a stressful day at work.

Here is a little tip to consuming hot Cheetos – use chopsticks!

If you find yourself eating a lot of food because you’re bored or stress, you need to re-evaluate your life. Take an hour or two and sit down in a quiet place without music and think about your life.

Think about:

Relationships – Partners, Families, Friends

Education – Is your major really what you want to be in or are you in there because you feel like you’re stuck in there?

Workplace – Do you always think about your job even when you’re at home?

Finances – Are you financially stable or up in your buttcheeks with debts?

I would tackle these one at a time or else you would end up with a migraine. If you want, you can grab a journal and write everything down. Write about how you feel!

Are you happy?

What’s going on?

Do you feel unsatisfied?

If you feel like that’s too much, grab one question – just one and answer that. Sometimes it’s hard to reflect on your life because you feel horrible when you do. You feel like you barely accomplish anything that you’re proud of and it’s normal to feel that way. Believe it or not, many people do not have it “all figure out.”

This will do what many people would consider an “emotional” or “psychological” cleansing.

My journal is similar to this:

Things I don’t believe in:

Diet Pills

Intense Dieting

Cutting Meals

Anything else that affects your health

Losing belly fat is a slow and steady journey. Do not use shortcuts, because there is no such thing as shortcuts in life. Let’s say skipping meals does make you lose weight and you realize there are fewer belly fats! Whoo! Expect it to be a temporary thing because old habits are hard to kill. Implement these tips one at a time and turn it into a routine!

It’s a tad difficult, but I believe you can do it!