Earn Extra Money from Home

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When I started college, I was utterly broke. Granted I received financial aid for college. Unfortunately, I didn’t get access to the money until weeks into school since I was living in the dormitory and they wanted me to pay that first. To be honest, the dormitory life wasn’t worth it. If I could go back, I would’ve lived elsewhere and saved money.

Studentwhohadagoodtimeincollege: “But, the memories darling!”

BrokeGraduate: “Oh f- that!”

The minimum amount of friends I held onto by the string never lived in the college dorms.

Moving onward, I needed some extra money for those back-breaking college textbooks, and I was too self-conscious to ask my parents for a few hundred. After all, I even told them “I’m an adult now!” or something along that line.

I know, I can always get a job, but that biweekly paycheck isn’t cutting it. It’s also quite difficult finding a job when you’re in a new city with minimal experience in waitressing and no car.

So, I decided to do what everyone else would do during desperate time. I turned towards the internet and prayed someone had a solution to all my problems.

I concluded that making an extra income does change your life. Money can buy you freedom and happiness despite what many people may state.

Earning a few extra dollars can change your life from lowering the stress of living paycheck to paycheck, reduce debt, saving for a dream vacation, and many others. Which does what? Bring happiness. So yeah, in a way, you can buy happiness.

Many people don’t know that there are so many ways to save extra money for minimal effort or save more maximizing out your power. The best thing is, you get to set up your hours.

Now, enough story time, let’s get rolling on that dough.

1. Online Surveys

Some companies are willing to pay you to understand what you want then does some weird analytic thing to grasp what the majority wants. They are sometimes fast – depending on the amount of question – and free!

Here is a list of surveys you can join:

Survey Junkie

Swagbucks – free $5 incentive just for signing up

Vindale – free $1 just for signing up

InboxDollars – free $5 bonus




VIP Voice – Get entered into a $1000 sweepstakes just for signing up

MyPoints – free $5 gift card just for signing up

GlobalTestMarket – Entry for a chance to win $2000

Harris Poll Online

SurveyMonkey Rewards


Personally, I used InboxDollars, SurveyMonkey Rewards, and SurveysOntheGo.

2. Invest Your Pennies

So, you went shopping, and you swipe that credit card even when you don’t have money to pay the monthly bill. Now, despite your sorrow, imagine if you can round up to the nearest dollar and invest!

The pennies, nickels, and dimes add up over time!

Here is a list of Apps you can invest your spare change:

Acorns – get a free $5 just for signing up



Currently, I am using Acorn!

3. Trimming Your Bills

Trim is an account that does all the heavy headache work for you. Trim connects to your account using bank-level security, analyzes your spending and subscriptions, and finds ways you could be saving money. The best part – it’s free.

4. Rent Out Your Car

I know this sounds scary.

Overreacter: “What if they steal my car?”

Me: “I hope they don’t”

List your vehicle on Turo, and you can make extra money by renting your car to people who need to borrow a ride. You get to choose your rates, and you’re also covered with $1 million in liability insurance – that means you wish someone will steal your car!

5. Sell Gift Cards You’ll Never Use

We all have them – that random card that your neighbor or coworker or grandmother think you go to, but you never knew existed. Raise is a marketplace for buying and selling gift cards online. It’s free to join, and consumers can either buy discounted gift cards or sell their gift cards in exchange for cash.

That’s all for today everyone! Now, go get your money!