New Year, Not New You

I think it’s kind of funny when people say “New Year! New Me!” because that’s not necessarily true. It may be a new year, but that doesn’t mean that you’re going to change. We all know that, and somehow people still make this New Year resolution bull-

No! Just no!

All because the year increase by a single number does not mean you need to change yourself to someone you deemed to be “better”. You are good the way you are unless you do something shady like eat pizza with a knife and fork – that’s me.

You don’t need to change yourself and become someone you’re not.
I mean applaud to you trying to go to the gym like a million other people during the New Year, but let’s be real. How long will that last?

It’s good to have goals, but goals should be a year-round scenario, not just the New Year.

You want to improve yourself, not change your whole persona because you are who you are.

For me, with the upcoming year, I want to improve myself throughout the year. Yes, throughout the year because habits are difficult to break and I am not going to run through the purchase-two-hundred-dollars-24-hours-fitness-pass-then-not-use-it phase.

Do you get it? The joke?

I wrote run earlier because 24-hours-fitness is a gym and….yeah you don’t care.

Anyways, here is a list of things you can do to improve yourself throughout the upcoming year.


A year ago, I tried to play the whole less-time-on-phone game and lost. Then, I altered my goal and instead of focusing on my cell phone. I told myself, I will talk to the person sitting in front of me more. It doesn’t matter who it is and how awkward the conversation will turn – I told myself to just talk. If you only last five minutes, that’s okay!


Because you tried!

2.Group Games

One of the things I realized that truly bond a group are games because you all have a goal to accomplish and a relatable topic to discuss. This year, instead of purchasing digital games for my relatives, I brought everyone board games. Guess what? The holidays are a lot more fun!

Monopoly – the game that tore families apart.

Scrabble – the game where you spend most of your time Googling whether the word is real or fake.

Jenga – the game where you got to poke someone when it’s their turn because no one seemed to pay attention.

Pictionary – the game where you remember why you’re not an artist.

HedBandz – the game where you can never figure out what you are.

Uno – the game that goes on forever for some odd reason.

Play whatever you all – or the majority of you – agree on. I bet it will end with tears – literally! However, when you look back, you will remember how fun it was and want to play again.


Chances are, you rarely cook – like me. I would suggest you choose one night of the week and prepare all your meals to save money, but I feel like that’s too big of a step. So, why not cook for one night a week – merely a single meal. You don’t have to prepare a five-star meal, but try to cook something other than cup ramen – despite how good it tastes.

4.Fresh Air

Often enough, we don’t go out to nature as much as we should. Take the new year and go outdoor more often. It doesn’t have to be in the countryside, but outdoors. Take a ten minutes jog around your block – start slow.


Try opening a piggy bank and start saving for emergencies or vacations, because trust me you will need it.

Currently, I am using three methods of savings.

The first is with Acorn, where the app makes monthly investments for me with different companies.

Second, I am saving with my bank – normal.

Third, I am using a standard jar and saving at home. This is a traditional method of saving, where it’s relatively straightforward.

If you’re already saving then good for you, I suggest increasing the amount of money you’re throwing into your savings and watch it grow!

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Let’s be real, many of us are guilty of this – we are all hoarders. Some are merely more extreme than others. De-clutter your house and sell everything you no longer use or donate them to the Salvation Army!
Here are some apps you can use to sell your items and make a few extra doughs throughout the year:

Recommended Websites:





Your Online Store

Yard Sale

Remember, when you clean – clean a little at a time and not all at once.
There you go, seven basic goals you can adapt to the New Year. It won’t change you, but it will improve you. I don’t believe in the “New Year, New Me” bull- because you should be proud of who you are. Don’t feel like you have to change because of [insert reason here]. I strongly encourage you to create goals to improve yourself.

I know this is odd to say, but you’re like a painting. From the day you were born to now, your canvas had splattered with paints. You cannot merely wipe all of it off, because it is permanent.

However, do you know what you do have?

You have a paintbrush and more paint! Improve the painting if you don’t like it – add different colors. You’re the artist, and the canvas is your life – you choose what to paint there.

Moreover, trust me, it will be something beautiful.