About This Thriver

This Thriver

Hi there, I’m Quinn! Welcome to my blog!

I’m a recent graduate who works with little devils – my kiddos – by day and lazy a potato by night. This blog is something I do during my free time, preventing me from shopping online. Yes, I am a complete shopaholic! Rooted in Vietnam, born in Hong Kong, and raised in America!

My Story:

Similar to everyone else, I was raised with a normal childhood, kind of. My parents migrated to Hong Kong around the 90s while good ole mother was pregnant with me. I was born in Hong Kong, and within a few months, we got deported back to Vietnam. I’m not sure what was occurring, but they said there was too much migration at the time – or something like that. Skipping forward a few years, with two brothers and two sisters, we migrated to America. I was four when we landed in New York, during winter. We decided New York’s weather was not our thang, so we moved all the way to California.

During my childhood, I remember moving around quite often because my family was struggling with money until high school. I graduated from high school with honors then jump straight to a four years university, which took five years. Half a year later, I got my first full-time job!

There you go, my life story in two paragraphs!

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My Blog

Blog Name

How Thrivers is a personal lifestyle blog, with many meanings, mainly, it’s to teach others how to thrive – life, relationship, finances, etc.

The Start

I started this blog because I wanted to help those who are survivors become thrivers. You don’t want to live day by daydreaming, make the dream a reality!

My Books

Yes! I am an amateur writer!

I started writing around Fall of 2017 for fun, and over time, it started becoming something more to me. The books allow me to spread my imagination to the world. I realized the more I write, the less daydream I do hence I can focus on what’s in front of me. So, it’s a win-win situation.

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